Online pharmacies are there to make our lives a lot easier and healthier. Thanks to innovation, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to buy the medicines you need. With no one to help them when they are sick, people living alone rely on online pharmacies. After placing an online order, the medications are then delivered straight to the customer’s home. But the real question is – are online pharmacies safe?

What is an online pharmacy?

Just like a brick-and-mortar pharmacy, the main function of an online pharmacy is to provide medications to its consumers. The main difference is that you do not need to go out of your homes just to buy your prescription needs. Think of it as online shopping, but for medicines, drugs, and other medical supplies. Using computers or smartphones, you can order products online and then have them shipped to you. No need to leave your home, drive through traffic and get in line. You can limit your exposure to the outside world, which is very important these days. If you are wondering about prescription drugs, legitimate online pharmacies are also able to dispense them as long as a prescription from a doctor is presented to their online store.

However, it is important to remember that not all online pharmacies are legitimate. There are some fraudulent ones out there who are only after one thing —money. Availing products and services from these illegal vendors might put your health and your privacy at risk.

To help you determine if an online pharmacy is legitimate or not, here are a few things a consumer should look out for:

  1. Requires a valid prescription

    When browsing through an online pharmacy, OTC (over-the-counter) or prescription drugs will be available on their websites. But, just like in a regular pharmacy, prescription drugs require prescriptions from doctors. Legitimate online pharmacies ALWAYS require a prescription for prescription drugs — no exceptions.


  2. Overseen by a licensed pharmacist

  3. Just like brick-and-mortar pharmacies, online pharmacies are overseen by a licensed professional pharmacist. Pharmacists are drug experts who dispense medications and provide clarity when it comes to your prescriptions. Because of their knowledge and expertise, they can conduct drug regimen reviews. This way, they can determine alarming drug interactions that can take place when patients take multiple medications (polypharmacy). On top of that, they also provide patient counseling, allowing them to clarify any questions or provide professional medical advice on how to use the drugs a consumer has purchased based on their doctor’s order.

  4. Pharmacy Checker verified

  5. An easy and quick way to determine if an online pharmacy is legitimate is to check if it is PharmacyChecker verified. As mentioned in our previous blog, PharmacyChecker is a regulating body that ensures that online pharmacies are monitored and that they uphold the standard of the pharmacy practice. Go straight to an online pharmacy’s certification page and if they have a valid and active seal from PharmacyChecker, then you can entrust your prescription needs with them.

  6. Offer safe payment options and transparent transactions

  7. Legitimate online pharmacies offer safe payment options when transacting online. If you see something unusual and questionable, then you should pull back. Legitimate online pharmacies are also transparent when it comes to transactions and they have a privacy policy in place to protect the personal, medical, and financial information of their patients.

  8. Follows refill quantities prescribed and does not allow bulk purchases

  9. Legitimate online pharmacies are aware of the importance of drug quantities. They follow what is written in the prescription in terms of the drugs and their quantities. Bulk orders and purchases are never allowed. Consumers should also take note that importing prescription drugs for personal use is only allowed if the quantity does not exceed 3 months of supply.

  10. Offer reasonable prices

  11. Another benefit of online pharmacies is that they offer low-cost but quality medications. Never purchase medicines and drugs with prices that are too good to be true. Many people comparing prices mostly look at price rates in the US. Online pharmacies offer cheaper alternatives because they directly acquire their supplies from international suppliers. Another reason is that they do not need to pay for rent. We all know how costly it is to pay monthly especially for business owners.

  12. No spams and unsolicited emails

  13. Since everything is virtual, online pharmacies communicate with their patients and customers mainly through email but are also available via phone call or fax. Some legitimate online pharmacies automatically sign you up for their email list once you place an order with them. This can be seen in their terms and conditions or privacy policies. However, never respond to online pharmacies offering discounted medications if you did not sign up for their email list or if you have never ordered from them. Chances are, some other companies have leaked your private information and can be considered fraudulent.

  14. Products are legitimate

  15. Most important of all, legitimate pharmacies offer legitimate products. The medications in their product list are all approved by the right authorities for distribution and consumption. International suppliers have set high standards to ensure safety, efficacy, and quality for all medications that come from them. Make sure that your legitimate online pharmacy has a legitimate online supplier with reputable names. If the pharmacy is accredited by PharmacyChecker then you can be assured that they offer legitimate products sourced and dispensed by licensed international pharmacy partners.

Health innovation made online pharmacies possible. Unfortunately, some take advantage of this advancement for their personal gain. That is why it is important to stay vigilant when it comes to online pharmacies you transact with.

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