With the global pandemic changing the way people get access to healthcare, online pharmacies have proven to be a convenient and safe way to meet customers’ and patient’s medication needs. If you haven’t tried purchasing from online pharmacies here are 7 reasons why you should consider doing so:

  1. Less exposure to other consumers

    According to the World Health Organization, among other things, social distancing is one of the best ways to minimize exposure to a person possibly infected with the coronavirus. This means that people must be at least 1 meter away from each other to help prevent the spread of the virus. Most stores, including pharmacies, have set policies to facilitate social distancing. One of the most obvious benefits of purchasing from an online pharmacy is the fact that you can get life-saving medications without going out of your home. By purchasing online, the number of people going out in public would also be substantially reduced.


  2. Convenience

  3. Some online pharmacies ask to pick up a customer’s package in the post office or somewhere else near their location but not at their exact address. With many travel restrictions set in place because of the COVID-19 virus, ordering your prescription drugs online and having them delivered to you may be the best option. This is especially relevant for people who cannot leave their houses due to medical reasons that make them more vulnerable to the virus or people who potentially carry it. If you order your prescription drugs from Canadian Prescription Drugstore, we can deliver them right at your doorstep.

  4. Savings – HUGE Savings!

  5. Another good reason to purchase from an online pharmacy during a pandemic is that it is less expensive – MUCH LESS. Online pharmacies usually have much lower prices compared to brick-and-mortar pharmacies. The reason? Most of them get their products from reputable suppliers abroad, which can include Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, or even India, where drug prices cost less than the United States can offer. Regardless of price, when you order from an accredited online pharmacy that is approved by Pharmacy Checker, it is ensured that their drug products are of the best quality and are safe for consumers. In most cases, other developed countries from where the drug products are imported have regulatory bodies to ensure that reasonable ceiling prices are set. With the economy being hit and widespread unemployment taking place due to the pandemic, finding cheaper options for prescription medications is critical.

  6. Accessibility

  7. Online pharmacies go beyond work hours and most of them can be accessed 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. You can browse through their list of prescription drugs or just hit the search button and look for something more specific, any time of the day. They can have more flexible operating hours since they can arrange for their staff to work remotely and at more unconventional schedules. Since transactions are handled electronically, orders may be sent at any time even if their business hours have ended. This is very convenient for customers and patients who have busy schedules, work throughout the day, or simply forget to order their refills.

  8. Availability

  9. Sometimes, a certain drug product may be out of stock or not carried by a brick-and-mortar pharmacy. In other cases, a certain product may only be available in a particular place or country. When this is the case, customers and patients can easily research online and contact online pharmacies to find what they are looking for. Given the recent travel bans in almost every country due to the COVID-19 virus, deliveries to physical stores and pharmacies may be limited. With online pharmacies, customers and patients can simply check which online pharmacies have stock of their prescription medication needs.

  10. Allows for drug product and price comparison

  11. Online pharmacies have their drug product catalogs right on their websites where customers and patients can easily browse through. Some online pharmacies have search bars for other consumers that do not have the time to spend browsing a lot of pages. Just type down the name of the drug, and the results would then be displayed after a few seconds. With these methods, consumers will have access to drug information and various brands and generic drugs available and are not limited to which brand the doctor prescribes or store staff recommends. Furthermore, they can visit multiple online pharmacies to check and compare prices. This empowers customers and patients to make the best choice for their medication needs.

  12. Privacy

  13. Purchasing prescription medications while in the privacy of one’s home is another reason to consider online pharmacies. Customers and patients can easily talk to pharmacists and staff of the store about their medical condition, product concerns, and inquiries without worrying about other people seeing or hearing. They can also schedule secure and private online consultations if needed.

Online pharmacies such as Canadian Prescription Drugstore, have helped customers and patients for decades in providing safe, effective, and quality prescription drugs. Due to the pandemic, all the travel bans, lockdowns, and health protocols are still in place. With that, our services are most essential for patients and customers who need prescription drugs right at their doorstep.