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Return Policy

100% No Questions Guarantee. If within 30 days from receiving your online pharmacy referral service order you wish to send back your medications, we will accept the return – No Questions Asked.

To return your order contact our customer service team to request a Return Authorization Number. Send it by US Postal Service (USPS) regular mail at your expense to the following address: Carepharm Inc. 1275 West 6th Ave. Suite 300, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6H 1A6

We will not accept any C.O.D. shipments, or any packages shipped by other transport than US Postal Service. Once we have received your return and confirm all the procedures have been properly followed, we will issue your refund.

Privacy Policy

At Canadian Prescription Drugstore we take your privacy very seriously. We use the information you provide to us for four purposes only:

  • To process your order(s)
  • To reply to your questions
  • To provide our newsletter via email
  • To incorporate your feedback into improvements to our Website

We will not give, sell, or rent your personal information or specific account activity to anyone for any reason except as required by law.

This policy covers how Canadian Prescription Drug Store treats personal information that CanadianPrescriptionDrugStore.com collects and receives, including information related to your past use of our products and services. Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable like your name, address, email address, or phone number, and that is not otherwise publicly available. This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that CanadianPrescriptionDrugStore.com does not own or control, or to people that CanadianPrescriptionDrugStore.com does not employ or manage.

Information We Collect

In designing our website, we started with the simple belief that customer service is our number one priority. Therefore, the customer information we collect is used to enhance our services to you, our customer. When you visit our website, we collect non-personal information about your visit. We collect your IP address, browser type, domain name, and we log the length of time of your visit and the number of times you visit and purchase from us. We assign you a unique internal identifier to help keep track of your future visits. We use this information to gather demographic information about our visitors, and we use it to personalize the information you see on our website and the emails you receive from us. We keep this information for our internal use; we do not share it with others.

Our site uses cookies to store information between visits to our site. Cookies are a mechanism to remember information about a visitor from one page to another. Web browsers store cookies so that the browser itself can remember some information and then, on request, pass all that information up to the server at one time. We use cookies to remember your name and the contents of your shopping cart. This allows you to leave our site, come back later, and still have the contents of your shopping cart intact. It also lets us personalize your experience at CanadianPrescriptionDrugStore.com, tailoring the content to your interests. Our website requires the use of cookies. Turning off cookies or rejecting the CanadianPrescriptionDrugStore.com cookie will prevent you from accessing the website.

When you subscribe to our newsletters or submit a question, CanadianPrescriptionDrugStore.com, asks you for contact information (your name and email address). When you sign up for our newsletter, we use your name and email address to send you our health newsletter and to inform you of sales and special offers. When you submit a question your question and answer may be posted on the website for the public to view. Your first name, and state may be displayed. However, no information that would allow others to contact you will be disclosed by Canadian Prescription Drugstore. We will use your email address to send you the answer to your question and for no other purpose unless you opt in for our newsletter when you asked the question.

If you place an order, our order form requests contact, billing, and financial information. Contact information from the order form (email address, name, billing and shipping address, and phone number) is used to send orders and information about our company to you. Your contact information is also used to get in touch with you should we have questions regarding your order or should we need to notify you of the status of your order. And yes, you can opt not to get an email from us, as described in the opt-out section below. The payment information we collect is used ONLY to bill you for products you purchase. You will automatically be registered to receive our newsletter unless you are opt-out at the time of purchase. You may opt-out at any later time by following the unsubscribe instructions in the newsletter or sending an email to [email protected] with the word UNSUBSCRIBE followed by your email address in the subject of the email (example: UNSUBSCRIBE [email protected]).

We have three types of third-party relationships.

  1. When you place your order with Canadian Prescription Drugstore, we refer your prescription along with your personal contact information and medical history to our fully licensed International Pharmacy Partners for review and dispensing. Under very strict regulations, our company and our dispensing pharmacy partners are obliged by law to keep your information under confidence, to be used exclusively for the purposes of approval and dispensing of your prescription order.
  2. We use third-party intermediaries. When you make your purchase, your financial information, name, and billing address may be sent to third-party companies for verification and to authorize your payment.
  3. We have an affiliate program that allows other individuals and websites to earn money by directing people to our website. If you purchased from CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore.com through a referral from an Affiliate partner, certain information (name, invoice amount invoice date) is available to the Affiliate for reporting purposes. Our affiliates may have access to transaction-level data. Our third-party affiliate program offers a feature that may allow a small number of selected affiliates to gain access to individual user transaction information that originates from links on their websites. To properly track and credit the customer's transaction, these sites may give each of their members a unique code, which will uniquely identify the member or the member's organization. This code is activated only when the customer links directly from the affiliate site to CanadianPrescriptionDrugStore.com. Any transactions made at CanadianPrescriptionDrugStore.com while the code is active will be reported back to the affiliate. Canadian Prescription Drug Store never passes on personal data as part of this feature. We will provide only the date of the transaction, the amount of the transaction, and the product purchased. To further protect the privacy of our customers, we require all affiliates requesting this feature to sign a statement promising to inform users beforehand of any such data collection and to guarantee that any data collected will be used solely to reward users for their purchases. If you are concerned about having your purchase tracked in this manner, you may avoid it by visiting Canadian Prescription Drug Store directly (without linking from an affiliate site). If the affiliate site has not made its tracking procedures clear to you, please notify us by e-mail at [email protected]. We occasionally run our own online surveys and we ask visitors for contact information (such as email address) and demographic information (such as zip code, age, or income level). We use contact data from our surveys to send users information about our company. You may opt-out of the survey and also opt-out of any future mailings at the time of the survey. The demographic information is used to learn more about the types of people who visit our site. This information is not shared with any other parties currently. We reserve the right to share this information with other parties in the future in an aggregated format that would not disclose any personally identifiable information.

Opt Out or Delete/Deactivate

This site gives you the following options for removing your information from our database, to not receive future communications, or to no longer receive our service:

  1. You can send email to [email protected]
  2. You can send mail to the following postal address:
    Canadian Prescription Drugstore, 300 – 1275 West 6th Ave. Vancouver , BC, Canada, V6H 1A6
  3. You can phone or fax the following telephone number: 1-888-572-0832


Our site provides you the opportunity to correct or update your account information. You can do this by:

  1. Accessing the "Your Account" page and clicking on the "Account Setting" link.
  2. Send mail to the following postal address: Canadian Prescription Drugstore, 300 – 1275 West 6th Ave. Vancouver , BC, Canada, V6H 1A6 You can phone or fax the following telephone number: 1-888-572-0832
  3. Email at [email protected]. We read every message sent in and try to reply promptly to everyone. The information you send us is used to respond directly to your questions and comments. We also keep your email correspondence on file so that we may better serve you should you have additional questions in the future.

How We Notify You of Changes to our Privacy Policy

Whenever we change our privacy policy, we will post a notice on our website indicating that a new version is available. If CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore.com changes how it uses a user's personally identifiable information, the user will be notified by email and they may opt-out at that time. However, if you have opted-out of all communication with the site you will not be contacted, nor will your personally identifiable information be used in this new manner.

Terms of Use

By using this website (CanadianPrescriptionDrugStore.com), an online pharmacy prescription drug referral service, the user (User) confirms he/she is of the age of majority to purchase medications where User resides. By connecting/using this website, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions as if you had signed this Canadian Online Pharmacy Referral Service Agreement. User (Canadian Prescription Drug Store client) agrees that you are responsible for all prescription drug charges ordered from our service. User is not restricted from making medical, prescription drug or pharmacy decisions under the prescription drug laws of his/her Place of Residence (POR). The user confirms to our Store that the drugs ordered were prescribed by a qualified doctor in User's POR. User has not violated any laws in User's POR in obtaining the pharmacy prescription for the medication. The user confirms that the drugs supplied by our company will be used only as the drug was prescribed for by the doctor who issued the prescription medication. Only the User will use the medication supplied by our pharmacy referral service.

We may terminate your account and service at any time, for any reason, at the sole discretion, and without notice. User releases and discharges CanadianPrescriptionDrugStore.com, and all of our officers and directors, agents, and employees from any and all liability, claims or causes of action with respect of the use or application of the prescription product by User, including, but not limited to undesired side effects from the prescription drug medication supplied by our service. User confirms this release protects any Physician retained by our Drug Store to lawfully issue the prescription medication. User grants Limited Power of Attorney to CanadianPrescriptionDrugStore.com, for the purpose of signing documents required by the Canadian laws, necessitating the delivery of Canadian prescription drugs to the User, as if User personally attended our place of business. Because the medications ordered from our website will be mailed internationally, your medication order may experience shipping delays. This may delay when you receive your order. These shipment delays are beyond the control of Canadian Prescription Drug Store, and we cannot guarantee the delivery date of your shipment.

To avoid shortages of medications, it is the User's responsibility to prepare for delays receiving User's order, and by purchasing their medication at a local pharmacy if the medicine shipment is delayed. User attorns to the jurisdiction of British Columbia and agrees that any dispute between User and Canadian Prescription Drug Store shall be governed by its pharmacy laws, and of the Federal Government of Canada, as applicable to Canadian laws. User agrees if any dispute arises between the Parties (User and CanadianPrescriptionDrugStore.com) pursuant to this Agreement as to the rights or liabilities of the parties to this Agreement, then every such dispute shall be referred to a single arbitrator.


CanadianPrescriptionDrugStore.com is a prescription drug online pharmacy referral service that partners with licensed pharmacies for dispensing of prescription medications. Prescription drug information on this website is for information only and does not replace medication advice from your physician. Do not use the drug information contained on this website for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease or prescribing any medication or specific prescription drug. Read carefully all drug information and product packaging from our discount mail order pharmacy referral service. If you suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your health care provider. Our website and its dispensing pharmacy partners disclaim any representations and warranties of its prescription drugs or Pharmacy services including medication warranties of merchantability, prescription drug fitness, and usefulness for a particular online prescription purpose. Our Drug Store does not guarantee the information contained on this website is fully comprehensive, accurate or up to date. Drug information about pricing, availability, delivery is subject to change without notice. Our Store and dispensing pharmacies, their directors, employees or other representatives will not be held liable for any damages in connection with the use of this online pharmacy referral website: CanadianPrescriptionDrugStore.com. This applies to all possible damages, including (but not limited to) indirect or direct damages, compensatory, loss of income, profit or property and claims of third parties. The FDA, due to the current state of their regulations, has taken the position that virtually all shipments of prescription drugs imported from outside the USA by a U.S. consumer will violate the law.

This website is the property of and is solely funded by CanadianPrescriptionDrugStore.com.

Terms and Conditions

CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore.com operates an online pharmacy referral service based in Canada, specializing in the business of assisting consumers both within the USA and internationally pursue prescription pharmacy services. The following terms and conditions govern the sales as between the CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore.com authorized dispensary and the individual (the "Patient") regarding the products and services (the "Products") offered for sale by CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore.com. The Patient herein represents to CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore.com that,

"I am over the age of majority, and:

  1. I have fully and accurately disclosed my personal information and personal health information and consent to its use by CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore.com. I have had a physical examination by a physician within the last 12 months, and do not require a physical examination.
  2. I understand that all Products shall be dispensed by a Licensed Pharmacy operating within a unique international jurisdiction and in a manner consistent with the laws of that jurisdiction.
  3. I authorize and appoint CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore.com, as my agent, to take all steps, sign all documents and to act on my behalf as if I were personally present and acting myself for the limited purposes of (a) obtaining a valid prescription for any prescription which I have sent CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore.com; and (b) packaging my prescriptions and delivering them to me. This authorization shall include, but not be limited to collecting and using my personal and personal health information as reasonably necessary for the fulfillment of my order, including disclosure to a licensed physician if required for the issuance of a valid prescription in the applicable jurisdiction. This authorization may be revoked at any time and shall continue until I revoke it.
  4. I understand that CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore.com is authorized by law to carry on business in the jurisdiction of CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore.com and that I am purchasing medications that have been approved for sale in the jurisdiction of the dispensing pharmacy. Title to my medications passes from CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore.com to me in the jurisdiction of the dispensing pharmacy when my medications leave the country where it was dispensed. All agreements reached or contracts formed with CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore.com shall be deemed to be made in the jurisdiction of Canada. The laws of Canada shall govern all transactions, and I attorn to the courts of Canada, which shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising between me and CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore.com, the dispensing pharmacy and its affiliates, officers and directors.



"I am the parent/legal guardian/power of attorney for the patient disclosed herein, am over the age of majority, and have full authority to sign for and provide the above representations to CanadianPrescriptionDrugstore.com on the Patient's behalf."

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