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Customer Reviews

The Canadian Prescription Drugstore Team always places our customers at the top of our priority list. This page highlights reviews from our valued customers, hopefully convincing you that we are a legitimate pharmacy service providing safe, quality, effective and low-cost prescription medications.

3rd party websites with authentic reviews

Aside from personal emails and calls from our customers, we also receive real reviews using 3rd party customer review websites such as Pharmacy Checker, Trust Pilot and Shopper Approved. The reviews placed on these websites are 100% authentic and permanent. Canadian Prescription Drugstore has no capability to either filter, remove, modify, or update any reviews placed under these 3rd party websites.

Pharmacy Checker

Pharmacy Checker gives accreditations to international online pharmacies who meet the highest standards of pharmacy practice. Canadian Prescription Drugstore obtained our Pharmacy Checker Seal in 2005, which means that we have sustained our accreditation status for almost 20 years of service proving that we are one of the oldest and most trusted online pharmacies in the global market.

You can read more about our Pharmacy Checker reviews by clicking here. Feel free to leave a review if you are one of our customers!

Trust Pilot

Canadian Prescription Drugstore’s reviews and ratings are also collected from Trustpilot, a website that showcases over 1.1 trillion ratings and reviews from thousands of businesses. Trustpilot has been proven to be a legitimate source of information for someone who has never ordered from a website before through genuine feedback.

Click here to read our customer reviews by visiting our Trust Pilot profile page.

Shopper Approved

Shopper Approved is a website that provides honest and independent reviews from AUTHENTIC and EXISTING customers. Canadian Prescription Drugstore is considered as one of the highest rated online pharmacies worldwide. We are happy to see that our customers give us a Five Star overall rating. They experience excellent customer service, ease of ordering and enjoy low-cost and quality prescription drugs. Check out our customer reviews below.

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